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The nursery and pre-school education and care secured her place at her International School.

The Windsor is an amazing setting, my children have received the most fantastic care and learn the most amazing things from the wonderful teachers at the nursery. The diary journals Windsor provides show the the learning and care in such a beautiful way.

I am so delighted with the care my child is receiving and feel that the nursery and pre-school education she received secured her place at her International School. I fully recommend The Windsor, TRULY AMAZING!

The high standards I found at Windsor Nursery are ones that I haven’t found in any other nursery in Abu Dhabi

My daughter Haya has joined Windsor early years nursery last May; Haya was 5 months old then.

As parents we wanted the best for our first new born so we went around looking at nurseries and saw a lot but we didn’t find a friendly and caring environment like the one we found at Windsor. As she’s my first baby I was worried to send her to nursery but everyone there made her feel like she’s home.

By the end of the first week I was too comfortable that she’s in good hands so I even stopped calling to check up on her.

The amount of care and development and dedication to each child as well as attention to the smallest details makes me feel that she’s in safe hands.

The experience and dedication of all staff members at the nursery is at a very high standard. They are all friendly and caring and they love all the children. They don’t only take care of children during working hours they also advise new parents like myself as well as bring to my attention things that I might not be aware of.

The high standards I found at Windsor Nursery are ones that I haven’t found in any other nursery in Abu Dhabi. I have been talking to all my friends and family about how amazed I am with the staff and management team and how loving and caring they all are.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for making me feel that my daughter is in safe hands when I go to work every morning. – Hamdan & Hedaya

We have seen first hand our daughters development across…

Our daughter has been attending Windsor Nursery for 1 year and throughly enjoys the care and fun that is provided. We are very pleased with the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum the extended hours activities and the holiday clubs on offer. We have seen first hand our daughters development across speech, play and interaction with others, particularly her increased confidence to take on and tackle those every day toddler challenges. We have real confidence in the nursery and its ability to continue to allow our daughter to flourish in a caring yet structured environment. – Ross 


The atmosphere is very familiar and welcoming

I did a tour through a couple of nurseries in Khalifa City A. I am very happy to have chosen WINDSOR NURSERY . The atmosphere is very familial and welcoming, the staff very friendly and qualified and the kids and their parents very nice. My 2 years old son loves coming here! – Ellie 

I would thoroughly recommend WINDSOR

The staff are very warm and friendly in the nursery which helps make you feel at ease when leaving your little one. My daughter loves nursery and her teachers. I would thoroughly recommended WINDSOR to any parents. – Leah

Staff are sincere and friendly

Since enrolling my daughter with Windsor Nursery, I have been extremely happy with the level of care. The staff are sincere and friendly. The environment is welcoming and cheerful. Many thanks for looking after my baby so well. – Amanda

That’s the best recommendation

Our daughter absolutely loves coming to WINDSOR NURSERY! That’s the best recommendation we can give! We have already recommended the nursery to all our friends. – Roger & Marika Johnson

This is like a family, where everyone is committed

We chose Windsor Nursery for many reasons, the location, the environment and most importantly the staff. This is like a family, where everyone is committed to helping Orlaith settle. We can’t thank the staff for working so hard to make this a great experience for us all. Thank you. – Tamson and Orlaith

We appreciate the conducive and loving environment

Dear WINDOR NURSERY, Thank you for being such a wonderful family to Claire, helping her to settle, play and be around other kids. We appreciate the conducive and loving environment that Windsor provide. A big thank you to the staff for being so caring and cheerful around the kids all day! – Winnie

My daughter has grown up tremendously in a short time

My daughter loves coming to school here, she get upset days when she’s not at Windsor. The teachers and staff are wonderful. My daughter has grown tremendously in the short time here. Each week we hear her either singing new songs, asking about letters and numbers and counting higher than she did in the past. This was not just a good choice for her socially and emotionally but intellectually as well. I cannot say enough good things about her development here. – Heather Gettler

THE WINDSOR NURSERY is a good place to start her formal education

Our daughter Beatriz and I have a positive experience at WINDSOR NURSERY. The staff is very nice to the kids and to the parents. They give us attention and are really committed to make us feel at home.
My baby loves coming here and she is learning a lot. THE WINDSOR NURSERY is a good place to start her formal education. I am thankful to WINDSOR NURSERY team for taking such good care of my baby.  – Frida

Our daughter did her KG1 interview last week and she did fantastic

Our daughter Mariam enjoys her time here. She wants to come everyday, even in weekends. I see a difference in her attitude and experiences. She is learning many things including numbers and alphabets. She feels so happy and that is what matters to me and her father.
Our daughter did her KG1 interview last week and she did fantastic. She was willing to try and do everything. – Latifa Al Amrani

My son, Nor Ayman really enjoy his time at the nursery. The teachers and assistants are friendly, loving and caring. Great job everyone at the nursery – Haniza

Paul loves his time at the nursery. He settled quickly all due to the wonderful staff and all the great activities you do with the children. Thank you for all your hard work ensuring he children are happy. – Katrina Farrell

Itqan loves to go the nursery. I can see tremendous change in his behaviour and personality. So as his skills. He knows how to count and constantly repeating whatever that has been done at nursery, he’s doing it at home. Special thanks to miss Salma and miss Cecil for making Itqan’s experience to first school an enjoyable and fun one. – Intan, Itqan’s Mum

Maybe it’s short, but i really want to thank you for your efforts that you do, the most important thing that my little son is too happy. So thank you again. – Kinda Bazenkam, Mayyar’s mom 

WINDSOR is truly a wonderful nursery, very spacious and the staff very hospitable. Our son has been with the nursery since it’s inception and we have seen both Jian (our son) and the nursery school grow step-by-step. We wish that WINDSOR will have many more children walking it’s halls in many more years to come. – Shinan

Hi i am Alina’s father. I am very much pleased and happy i have chosen to leave my daughter here. Inspire of my daughter’s language barrier, she has picked very well. She has become more confident , responsible. She sings, plays along with other children. Yes she has picked up a lot. Thanks

Our daughter absolutely loves WINDSOR NURSERY. She cannot wait to get to nursery in the morning. The staff are fantastic and are always happy to see her. Very happy with WINDSOR!

To all the staff of WINDSOR NURSERY,
my daughter is so happy at WINDSOR. She has a new song to sing every week and loves coming to the nursery.
Thank you to there staff for being friendly and welcoming.

I just want to share serval moments and let you know how pleased we are with the nursery this year. My husband and i have noticed such growth with our daughter. It’s nice to see her so happy, learning and writing. The activities are at or above her level it help encourage her. Keep up the good worst! Thank you so much!

اتمنى التوفيق للحضانة لم ا يقدمونه من جهد كبير في تعليم ا لاطفال و استفادة من البرامج ا لمقدمة لهم و انا ولي امر الطالب مانع محمد. سعيد جدا لانه استفاد في حياته العملية و العلمية. و لكم جزيل الشكر و ا لاحترام.

I was extremely nervous about sending my son to a nursery when we moved to Abu Dhabi. He has always been at home with me so the thought of letting someone else care for him make me feel uneasy. I prayed about where i should send him.

When i visited WINDSOR NURSERY it felt very friendly warm and inviting. I know this was the place for Trey.

I know how frightening it can be for a child to go somewhere new but he absolutely loved it! I noticed huge improvements shortly after attending such as he socialised better with other kids, talked more clearly, and was always singing and dancing.
Thanks, WINDSOR for making this place such a pleasant experience for my son not only for learning but also building his self. – Asnlee

Hello everyone,For being so warm to my child and for making her feel like home. You are such a great team and just to say thank you for everything that you have done so far and everything that you will do. Ms.Kate we missed you. We love Ms. Andrea so much, very sweet. – Jad & Nathalie & Chloe

Very contented with how my son has improved a lot since attending WINDSOR NURSERY. Couldn’t be more thankful.
Keep up the good work WINDSOR! Hoping for your betterment in the coming school years! THANKS.

Fraser and Flora are very happy at WINDSOR and i am confident in learning them knowing they are safe and having fun.

We love this nursery! and so does our DASH. Some of the reasons we chose WINDSOR was:-Professionalism of staff.
-Flexibility of schedule.
-Different classes for those who can & cannot walk. -Location.

Overall we cannot recommend this nursery enough. It has been a godsend! – Weber

Thanks for wonderful opportunity. Things attracts me:

  • Mixed aged classroom.
  • Students choice of activity within a prescribed range of options.
  • Specialised education material.
  • Schools model in which children learn more faster with interest without direct assistance.
  • Transparency with parents with either direct interaction or via daily exercise book. – Imran Turk (Fatima’s father)