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The Windsor Enrolment and Registration


A Boutique Nursery from Birth (Babies from 45 days old) to 4 years….

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Welcome to The Windsor, a unique ’boutique’ nursery tucked inside Khalifa City A, down the road from our friends at the Fire Station and just before our animal friends at ‘Cloud9’.


We offer Bus Transportation for children from 12 months!

Established in 2012, The Windsor is a pure British Curriculum Nursery that is partnered and strongly linked with its sister nursery, The Tiffin Day Nursery, UK.


If you are looking for small classes, more personalised childcare, an all-inclusive environment where your child is treated like an individual, then The Windsor is for you.


Our focus is on working with small groups of children so that we can provide a concentrated programme of care and attention to your child. Our programme is headed and delivered by a team of highly qualified Primary School Teachers and Nursery Practitioners with extensive early years experience. This experience is key in providing every child with the key skills to enter school successfully.


We pride ourselves on providing a wonderful and varied programme of opportunities to all children, no matter religion, colour or culture. If you are looking for a diverse setting where your child is not lost in the crowd of a big nursery with lots of children, then The Windsor is for you and your family.


Why consider a smaller ‘boutique’ nursery…


Windsor ADEK Compliance and Regulatory


Windsor Early Years Nursery is is governed by The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). The nursery has been audited on three separate occasions since the start of September 2017, under the new regulatory rules for Academic Planning, Delivery, Nursery Policies and Procedures and for Health & Safety, and we are proud to say that we have passed with high ‘praise’.  


We continuously improve our standards and approach, constantly evaluating and implementing new practices that support the development of the children in our care.


Registering your child at The Windsor Nursery is very easy.

If you would like further information about The Windsor Early Years Nursery or would like to


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