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Drive your Early Years Teaching Career at The Windsor Early Years Nursery.

We employ a talented and dedicated international team of staff to provide our service. It is our philosophy that when a child attends the nursery, it is not the equipment and facilities that make the experience an exciting one, but the creativity, care and talents of the staff we employ, combined with the program we deliver, who dedicate their time to making children happy and contented.

Our international team of Qualified Early Years Educator Teachers, Nursery Practitioners and Assistants provide a depth and quality of personality experience and kindness that make them outstanding members of The Windsor Early Years.

Our Lead Teachers hold either a British attained BA Hons Degree in Early Years Education or a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education. Our Nursery Practitioners are supported and mentored by our Lead Teachers while they study for either a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education or a Level 2 in Early Years Education.

We seek to only recruited committed individuals who put children’s learning, care and development at the heart of their professional positions.

Our strategic partnership with The Tiffin Day Nursery, UK helps to support this consistent approach to care, benchmarking Windsor Nursery against the best of ‘British’ care and education standards, as well as meeting the UAE’s local government agency requirements. It is our vision to offer the best standards in care and education, supported by qualified and professional educators where we can continue to deliver an above ‘Outstanding’ EYFS Care Programme that supports our ‘Intelligent Childcare for Enquiring Minds’ approach.


Meet The Windsor Early Years Nursery Team

Senior Management

Mrs Banham - Windsor Nursery



Mrs Helen Banham

Nursery Education Director – NNEB Qualified

Windsor Early Years Nursery, Abu Dhabi &

Nursery Manager, The Tiffin Day Nursery, UK


Mrs Helen Banham has had a long and successful career in childcare. Helen holds a British National Nursery Education Board (NNEB) Qualification along with a career stretching back over 30 years. She spent many years as a young girl in Abu Dhabi while her father worked in the Abu Dhabi Engineering industry.

Helen started her nursery career in the 1980’s starting as a nursery practitioner, becoming a school Matron at the long established private school Langley, based in Norwich. Mrs Banham supported the pastoral care of many international boarding students. Following her success as a private school Matron, Mrs Banham was invited to start up Langley Nursery School. Following a long career at Langley Mrs Banham then headed up the start of UK based Tiffin Day Nursery where providing best practice nursery care is at the top of their service offering.

“The early years are so important for children as it provides them with the core foundation skills they need to succeed through life. Parents frequently comment on how they have seen their children grow into confident skilled young people and I am flattered that they assign their confident personalities and success down to the quality of nursery education they received during their nursery years”

“The Tiffin’ is a lovely nursery where we have created a wonderful and supportive community of family and friends.


My involvement with The Tiffin, Windsor relationship has strengthened each year and we truly share the same principles. The British EYFS curriculum has seen many changes over the years and keeping up with these changes is a challenge. The Windsor has excelled at embedding the British standard educational practices we operate in the UK. The Windsor has a strong British & UAE partnership which I am very proud to be associated with. The nursery is successfully delivering a high quality care and education provision to a truly exciting multicultural community.


I am proud to be the Nursery Education Director supporting and mentoring a bright and talented team of educators and practitioners all for the benefit of the people that really matter… the ‘#windsorkids’.