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Foundations For Learning

A curriculum is a framework that guides early years care by consolidating all the research and learning known about developing children, which is why it is so important to you, as parents. We have chosen the British developed Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as our base of how we deliver early years childcare. The interpretation and application of the EYFS curriculum delivered by enthusiastic and well-trained staff provides a great programme of learning, which is the basis of The Windsor Early Years Nursery.

Windsor’s unique relationship with it’s UK-based nursery partners supports the delivery of a strong, British-based, education programme. Windsor has adopted strict UK practices, ensuring that the true principles of the EYFS are applied and delivered using educated and qualified teachers and practitioners.

The EYFS programme combined with a caring and safe environment nurtures imaginative learning; fun and laughter is part of our daily programme.

Windsor Nursery supports to nurture the curiosity and imagination of the young ‘Bright Minds’ who come into our care.

We place children at the heart of what we do and providing opportunity to explore, discover and invent is a system designed
to build on a child’s natural desire to investigate and understand
their own environment.

Windsor’s mission is to provide a young mind with opportunities to develop emotional, intellectual and physical skills within a happy, friendly and supportive atmosphere. It is through this a child explores and develops their own potential. Windsor has 3 distinct classes:

Each class concentrates on a different set of skills, building to a critical whole that together prepares your child to be ready to succeed through the schooling system in later years, by being confident and independent.


Our Class Structures


Best nursery in abu dhabi

Best nursery in abu dhabi

Mini Explorers Class (Birth to 1)

Midi Explorers Class (1 to 2 years)

These very early years concentrate on ‘Exploring’ the world around them, using their senses (Sight, Sound, Auditory and Sensory) to experience different sensations within a stimulating environment. Different resources are used to generate a variety of sensations and Windsor is able to provide our ‘Little Explorers’ with an environment that encourages this sensory perception learning through exploration and play. We take babies from 45 days onwards and support new mothers with discrete ‘nursing time’ and ‘drop in-time’. As a new mother you don’t miss out on bonding time even when mummy is working.



Best nursery in abu dhabi

Best nursery in Abu Dhabi

Nursery – Discoverers Class (2 to 3 years)

‘Discoverers’ concentrates on being creative, using imagination to ‘Discover’ and develop problem-solving skills. Initial literacy steps are made by language acquisition through key development activities such as role-play and shared reading.

The Discoverers Class plans opportunities for child-adult discussion, where we encourage children to contribute more during daily circle time where they attempt putting sentences together. ‘Open expression’ allows children to discover with a variety of materials, nurturing motor skills. Children discover and enjoy making marks, looking at picture books and listening to stories, giving meaning to communication.

Staff address areas such as eating, dressing and toileting, which allow for self-help and independence to emerge. With physical skills developing further, children are taught to join in active play with other children and it is an important time for discovering boundaries and social interaction.

The educational and learning pace increases for ‘Discoverers’ towards the end of the year and some children may find this change daunting. We let them progress at the pace they feel comfortable at, but gently encouraging them forward into the ‘Inventors’ Class.


Top Nursery in Abu DhabiPre-school – Inventors Class (3 to 4 years)

When children are ready to step forward into the next stage of their development, they transition into our ‘Inventors’ Class. At this age, skills can develop rapidly. Children use their foundation core skills developed earlier on ‘Inventing’ new ideas and new ways to tackle problems. There are no set boundaries for children to explore their ideas!

Children are encouraged in joint-play activities, exploring an understanding of the wider world, inventing scenarios and using their imaginations in their ideas and games. These activities help children to learn important social skills of sharing and cooperating. Children’s developing understanding of cause and effect is encouraged in this class and we explore further literacy, math and communication supporting the preparation for school.

All of these stages of a child’s early years support their development and preparation for entry into school. Windsor’s class structures provide you with insight into our visions for providing ‘Intelligent Childcare for Enquiring Minds’.