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Top Tips for Selecting a Preschool For Your Child

Top Tips on Selecting a Preschool for your Child

The key to selecting the best preschool depends on what you want your child to learn and experience during their early years. With so many childcare options in Abu Dhabi, the decision can become overwhelming.

Here is all you need to know on how to select the best British preschool in Abu Dhabi

How do I choose the best preschool for my child?

Answer the Basic Questions:

Before selecting a nursery for your child, here is a list of basic questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is the preschool at a convenient location? If not, do I need transport options to get to my nursery of choice
  2. If both parents work, does the preschool offer a year-round option with wrap around care and are the nursery’s operational hours in line with your schedule?
  3. What is the nursery’s ADEK rating when compared to other nurseries within the vicinity?
  4. Does the pre-school have a qualified and educated team of Educators?
  5. What is the class size and how many qualified teachers operate in the class?


  • The Curriculum:

What curriculum are you looking for? Some of the most common learning philosophies followed by the top nurseries in Abu Dhabi, include The Montessori Approach, the Reggio Emilia approach and the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Windsor strongly suggest the ‘British EYFS Curriculum’ as it provides an all rounded approach to childcare, where children actively Learn through Play. The curriculum is centred around the child’s developmental level and children are taught at their individual pace and stretched according to the child’s needs where they receive a more holistic approach to learning which almost always guarantees entry into the Top International schools in Abu Dhabi.

  • Do your Research:

 Search the nursery’s website to obtain the basic information.

Join Facebook communities where parents talk about preschools, their experiences and appreciation regarding the nursery. Look for any useful advice or suggestion you can get.

If a nursery isn’t talked about on social media that isn’t a bad thing, it just means the pre-school values the privacy of its parent community and that the nursery is operating professionally.

  • Visit the Preschool:

 After gathering all the necessary information, visit the preschool to gain first-hand experience of the setting you are considering.

Observe the little things:

  • Is the environment welcoming, safe, clean and healthy?
  • How are the classrooms?
  • How many qualified teachers support a full class of children
  • Are the staff professional, friendly and approachable?

Talk to the teachers and talk, talk to the manager and talk to the staff. If they give you time and help you to understand the setting then value this information in making your decision.

Finally, there is no set definition of a ‘perfect’ Preschool. The best option is the one that will keep your child happy and enable him/her to enjoy his/her first experiences.

Windsor is a unique British Nursery as it operates against ‘pure’ British Standards. There are hundred’s of nurseries across Abu Dhabi that offer a version of the EYFS but Windsor is pure British, part owned by a British based Nursery mirroring its practices in the UAE.

We would highly recommend you to visit Windsor Early Years Nursery as we are the preferred nursery recommended to parents by ADEK. The Windsor has been commended by local International schools on its pure professional delivery of the British Curriculum. This approach successfully places many children into their international schools of ‘choice’.

Windsor have been rated as one of the Top 10 Nurseries in Abu Dhabi and pride ourselves by offering ‘Intelligent Childcare for Enquiring Minds.