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The Bedtime Battle – The Baby Edition

Getting adequate sleep is essential for your infant. At a young age, your baby’s mind needs sleep and rest in order to develop. Sleep needs for babies vary according to their age. While newborns spend much of their time sleeping, their sleep is in short segments. After 3 months, a baby’s sleep schedule becomes more predictable and a regular nap schedule can be expected.

Although, sleep time differs from one infant to another, according to WEB MD, the following is an estimate of how much sleep your baby needs as per their age.

AgeHours of Sleep
Newborn17 – 18
1 – 3 months15 – 17
3 – 6 months14 – 16
9 months – 1 year13 – 14


Babies, like adults, need the proper cues to learn when it is time to sleep, particularly at night. Here are our top three tips to create a healthy sleep routine for your infant:

  • Continue the daytime naps – We may be tempted to cut out naptime during the day to help our babies sleep longer at night, however, the opposite is true. Babies and infants require the recharge time as part of their mental and physical growth. Our recommendation for new parents is to maintain a sleep diary. This can help recognize a baby’s sleeping pattern.
  • Don’t wait– We encourage parents to look for signs of exhaustion in their infants, such as: rubbing of eyes, yawning and becoming unusually cranky. Prolonging bedtime until the very last moment when your baby is tired and throwing tantrums might not be a good idea. This makes it even harder for babies to fall asleep.
  • Establish a soothing routine and ritual– Allow time for a bath time before bedtime. A warm bath or massage with a soft cloth can be relaxing for your child. Swaddling, especially for young infants, replicates the feeling of being in the womb and gives them a sense of security when they are going to sleep. And finally, nothing is more relaxing than providing your baby and infant with the affection and care that they need.

The most important piece of advice we can give parents is: Trust your baby’s cues – They will let us know when they are tired.