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Supporting ‘Determined’ Children – Special Education Needs

Taking your child to a nursery setting can be a dauting and worrying thought for any parent. Your child maybe different and have signs of special educational needs.

Welcoming all children to a nursery setting isn’t always possible but it shouldn’t be impossible.

You may ask yourself lots of questions before you approach the idea of taking your child to a nursery. You may worry about how the teachers will manage your child. Will a child be given the same attention? Will a child be included in with the crowd? Will a child be integrated? Will a child’s needs be met? Will the staff be skilled in dealing with a child’s needs? How will other children and parents react to a child that is different.

All children will benefit from an early years education, hiding a child away shouldn’t be the answer for any parent. A little interaction with other children will provide valued learning opportunities and help to integrate children into the natural everyday world around them.

We all develop at a different pace and all children are individuals, some have blue eyes, some have brown eyes, some are shy some are confident, some speak some don’t, some cry some laugh but no matter what the differences all children need a chance to learn from their friends, other children and educational professionals.

All children have different interests, skills and needs and should never be limited or excluded.

A good setting will…

  • Look beyond the ‘special’ label and focus on the child’s ‘unique’ qualities
  • Have a good set of management practices, supported by a strong ‘inclusive’ setting leader who is able to lead good practises and ensure that the setting is truly value adding.
  • Provide a welcoming and appropriate atmosphere that is accepting
  • Make no judgements
  • Take time to understand the child’s needs and whether their needs can be met by the setting or by more specialised professionals
  • Work with the parents and provide the scaffolding support and reassurance that’s needed to support the parent’s emotional needs
  • Accept the individual child’s personality
  • Will have a team of people that understand the SEN Practices and work together to create a programme that supports each and every child
  • Provide the care and attention that will lead to successful outcomes

To find out more about ‘Windsor’s Inclusion Education and Care Programme’ and to discuss your child’s needs please reach out to us. All meetings and discussions are private and confidential and we are happy to listen, advise, support and sign-post with an open heart and mind.