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Supporting Children with Special Needs

Envisioning a preschool environment that meets the needs of all children can seem like a challenge, but it is a lot simpler than we may think. With the right educational guidance, clear communication and team effort, we can easily establish an environment where every child thrives.

Children of Determination and children with special needs experience their challenges like every other child, to them these challenges are part of their natural personal growth and development.

One of our roles is to help support all challenges faced by the children in our care by devising an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This plan focusses on providing opportunities for children to achieve success and develop at a pace that achieve success at every step of the journey.

Let’s look at a few tips that may help you accomplish these tasks:

Know the children’s strengths and understand their individual needs

It is so important to take out the time to familiarize yourself with the child’s family, carers and special therapists. This is one of the best ways to ensure that we are working in a partnership to best support a child. All partied should complement one another in the interests of the child.

It is so important to know the child’s strengths, personality and talents and other traits that will guide us in developing an appropriate individual plan for them. Sometimes, it is easy to get frustrated and see the negative side of a child’s development. In order to not transfer those negative energies to a potentially impressionable child, it is important to overlook the child’s weaknesses and focus on what he/she can do. This will help to develop a good, lifelong relationship with learning, which is something critical to instill early on in any child.

Instill social skills, as well as intellectual skills

One of the bigger challenges facing children with special needs isn’t their need for special attention, but rather the social isolation that they may face. Social skills are invaluable in the real world and our goal is provide them with endless opportunities to learn the art of interacting socially with others. Interaction and inclusion is key to this!


Using observational techniques help to measure a child’s progress

Observations are an excellent way of noting progress, improvements and behavioural changes over time. Narrative records provide a holistic view of progress at school, whereas checklists are better for objective assessments. The type of childcare observation that will be used depends on the needs of the individual child and may include more than one approach.

As the need for inclusive learning increases, new teaching resources and methods are emerging for encouraging learning that supports all children.

At Windsor Early Years Nursery, we believe that ‘Every Child Matters’ and that every child is entitled to learn and should be supported to reaching their full potential. We have a wonderful community of parents that value acceptance, sensitivity and support and working with each and every parent no-matter what your child’s needs is our business is. Our small classes mean that children are never lost in the crowd or one child is given more attention over another. We are able to support all children with care, consideration and attention.

All children are special and a light shines in each and everyone of us.