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No word is TOO BIG!

We really enjoy talking to our nursery parents, whether it is How was your day…How was their child’s day…What is happening in their world…Our ‘Lets Talk’ approach allows us to build relationships with families.  Our conversations are sometimes quite thought provoking and make us think about what we do professionally as nursery teachers naturally can be a parent challenge.

This month’s question was.. How can I help make language simpler for my child to understand?

As children grow, we want to help them as much as we can. However, sometimes we can over help and over assist which can then become a negative aid.

When children are growing and getting older they need to be introduced to ‘safe risks’, more independence, more vocabulary and more conversational language. They need to be able to take ‘safe risks’ which means that they should be permitted to push themselves to understand the consequences of their actions, to understand danger as well as to understand their limits.

Our children also need to be provided with the vocabulary and language they need to develop and grow into bright communicative individuals.

People sometimes say… ‘That a word is too BIG’ or ‘What is a simpler word to describe a BIG word?’

By using the same simple language over and over, a child will not increase the variety of language and vocabulary they need to communicate their ideas and thoughts. If your child can come home and can say ‘Dinosaur’, they can also come home and say ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ and ‘Tetradactyl’ even ‘Spinosaurus’. When we talk about the weather we can talk about ‘Precipitation’ and ‘Condensation’. These words will stay with your children for years to come and create familiarisation from a young age. What I learn at Nursery I will learn again when I am in Pre-School, Prep School, Senior School, Collage, University and MY LIFE!

Through this introduction to BIG words children are well on their way towards learning BIGGER words.

Practice makes perfect. By using more ‘grown up’ ‘intelligent’ language your child will learn to use that intelligent language, and they will also begin to understand the greater meaning of words and situations.

Don’t be afraid to stretch language and don’t be afraid to explain situations, children are not too young to understand. It is how we explain and evolve our own language with them, that makes them brighter, more informed little people where the foundation of their background intelligence provides the ‘Enquiring Minds’ they need to grow and learn and become centred human beings.

Other ways to increase and expand your child’s vocabulary and language is:

  1. Singing different songs and nursery rhymes
  2. Reading books
  3. Educational toys and resources
  4. Play and interact with your child