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Bedtime Battles – Toddler and Preschool Routines


The Bedtime Battle – The Toddler and Pre-Schooler Edition

Bedtime can easily become one the most dreadful parts of the day, for both parents and children alike. Being told to go to bed or preparing for bedtime can sound like a punishment and children often react by crying or throwing a tantrum.

Adequate sleep is one of the most essential requirements for the wellbeing and proper development of growing children. At a young age, a child’s mind and body need rest and sleep in order to develop.

According to Web MD, this is how much sleep children need:


AgeHours of Sleep
0 – 2 months10.5 – 18
2 – 12 months14 – 15
1 – 3 years12 – 14
3 – 5 years11 – 13
5 – 12 years10 – 11


Here are our top three tips to help ease the bedtime battle:

  • Set a bedtime– Bedtime should remain consistent every night. We tend to make the mistake of playing up bedtime, depending on how tired our children are. Instead, choose an appropriate time and stick to it. Children’s sleep times and wake up time should remain consistent and this plays an essential role in regulating their sleep cycles.
  • Establish a bedtime routine– Children need a familiar routine for bedtime every day. Simple things, such as brushing teeth, changing into pyjamas and even reading a book can help prepare children for bed
  • Positivity – Children crave affection and it is so important for us to create a warm, nurturing and affectionate child-parent environment. Engage in a calm and comforting conversation and set forth a positive environment.

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