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Science in the Early Years

Science is an area that fascinates young children. Children, by nature, are inquisitive and full of awe and wonder about the world around them. As adults, we should take advantage of this innate curiosity and start channelling children’s enthusiasm for scientific discovery as early on as possible. In this blog, we will explore some of […]

Take it Outdoor – The MAJOR Benefits of Outdoor Play

Why is Outdoor Play so Important? In our generation and past generations, children benefited from extended amounts of outdoor play. ‘I remember days when we would ride our bikes through the streets, stomp through muddy puddles and cheekily climb trees, picking apples from the wild orchards. Falling and crying was all part of the experience […]

No word is TOO BIG!

We really enjoy talking to our nursery parents, whether it is How was your day…How was their child’s day…What is happening in their world…Our ‘Lets Talk’ approach allows us to build relationships with families.  Our conversations are sometimes quite thought provoking and make us think about what we do professionally as nursery teachers naturally can […]

Reading to Your Child

From a young age, babies are able to look at pictures and randomly point to objects on pages of a books. Children love the sound of language long before they are able to understand the spoken word and long before they notice the existence of printed words on a page. Reading books to children stimulates […]

The Value of Early Years Education

The Value of Early Childhood Education Young children learn like sponges. Every new experience is a learning experience. There is nothing more important than the early childhood years. Early childhood education is about honing and molding a holistic set of skills, which ultimately forms the basis of a lifelong love of learning. There are endless […]

Supporting Children with Special Needs

Envisioning a preschool environment that meets the needs of all children can seem like a challenge, but it is a lot simpler than we may think. With the right educational guidance, clear communication and team effort, we can easily establish an environment where every child thrives. Children of Determination and children with special needs experience […]

Windsor Winter Course 2019-2020

Sensory Play

From birth, children are constantly exploring their senses and processing new information. Sensory play is a valuable way of engaging children in activities that enriches their learning. Children are naturally curious and using their senses is one of the most innate ways for them to learn about the world around them. When discussing senses, we […]

The Importance of Creative Arts in Early Childhood Development

There has been much debate about the incorporation of creative arts in Early Years programmes. Friedrich Froebel, the father and founder of Kindergarten, believed that young children should be given the freedom to make their own art, as well as enjoy the art of others. In a world that is progressively more and more product […]

What to Pack in your Preschoolers Lunchbox?

Keeping meals exciting and nutritious for preschoolers can sometimes be a challenge. Healthy lunches and snacks are crucial for active children and it is so important to offer children with healthy lunchbox choices. So, the question remains – What should you pack in your preschooler’s lunchbox? Appeal to your child’s taste buds by providing them […]